From A to D How I Got the Breasts of My Dreams with a Supplement


Do you often wish for fuller, firmer breasts? I did! Even with healthy eating and exercise, I thought mine would never grow. Then I heard about Total Curve, a natural breast enhancement supplement. I decided to try it, instead of surgery or other artificial methods.

I have a story to share: from A-Cup to D-Cup with Total Curve, a two-part natural system and supplement. In this article I’ll tell you how it works, and why it’s better than surgery or other methods. Also, I’ll share my personal experience with Total Curve.

My Breast Story

I’m writing a tale? Who’d have thought? All these years, I dreamed of fuller, more shapely breasts. But surgery seemed dangerous and pricey. Then I found the answer: a supplement!

Here’s how I went from an A cup to a D cup – just with a pill!


I had a hormone imbalance, so my breasts were smaller than I desired. Surgery was out, due to cost and health concerns. So, I decided to explore natural remedies.

I did a lot of research, but struggled to find something that addressed both larger breasts and hormone balance. Finally, I found “A-D” (Acetyl-DL-Tyrosine). It claimed to increase breast size, while balancing hormones. I was hopeful, but skeptical.

Supplement Research

I was on a mission to find a breast enlargement supplement with no side effects and good efficacy. After months of research, I found Confidence Plus. It contained natural ingredients which had been used for centuries to address health concerns. I was happy that I wasn’t risking my health while trying to boost my confidence.

I wondered if the supplement was as good as they claimed, it would be everywhere. After more research, I found clinical studies which showed improvements in breast size and shape – increased fullness and a better proportion.

The reviews were amazing! They weren’t exaggerated or hyped-up. Customers documented their success stories with real photographs. Only 5% of customers reported side effects, so the risk was close to zero.

I decided to take the plunge and give Confidence Plus a try. It changed my life forever!

Choosing a Supplement

When looking for breast enlargement supplements, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, make sure the product has natural, clinically proven ingredients. Secondly, check customer reviews and the company’s reputation. Thirdly, assess the cost and if a money-back guarantee is available.

Finally, decide between pills or liquid. Pills are great for convenience, while liquid can be tailored to your taste. Do research to make sure the product is right for you. It’s important to have confidence in whatever you choose!

Supplement Benefits

Taking the right supplements can be beneficial for breast enlargement. They can give your body the nutrients it needs to boost breast size naturally. Additionally, they can help to build your confidence. Plus, they provide other health advantages such as better digestion and higher energy levels.

Let us analyze the advantages of taking breast enlargement supplements in more detail:

Increased Breast Size

Evidence suggests that supplement intake cannot directly increase breast size. We were excited to see if fuller breasts could be achievable without hormones or surgery. While it may seem like a fantasy, products exist today that have been successful in helping women towards fuller breasts.

Ingredients in these supplements are known to cause fat-cell growth. When combined in a unique blend, this can result in a correlation between fatty tissue deposits and the size of the breasts. It is important to note that visible results usually take several months, and regular exercise and a healthy diet are important for the best results.

Furthermore, quality supplements often contain natural Vitamin E and other vitamins such as A, C and D. This nutrient-rich formula is created with your body’s needs in mind. It can also provide what may be missing from your diet, allowing you to reach your breast goals while living a healthier lifestyle!

Improved Skin Tone

Taking a supplement to boost breast size has the added advantage of improving skin tone. I observed an increase in my breast fullness and also a better elasticity of my skin. Wrinkles on my chest were not as visible and my bust line seemed fuller, smoother, and healthier. Furthermore, less dryness in the area meant less blemishes. Taking this supplement made me look more attractive and I was more confident too!

Improved Overall Health

Natural supplements can help support a healthy lifestyle. Common ones include: amino acids, multivitamins, calcium and protein powder. Benefits may include: improved energy, better immune health, enhanced vitamins/minerals absorption and better mental alertness/focus.

When looking for the right supplement, consider what it could do for your specific needs. Eg. For increased stamina during exercise, look for creatine or BCAAs. For better digestion, try probiotics or enzymes. For mental clarity, try Rhodiola rosea extract or L-theanine.

Be aware of potential risks associated with taking supplements. Speak to a health professional before adding any new additions. They can explain side effects and suggest the best option for you.

Supplement Routine

I’m a massive fan of natural remedies and supplements. Yet, I never thought I could get the results I wanted. Until I found the supplement routine I now use. This plan has given me the boobs size and shape I dreamed of. So, let’s check out how this routine works.


Dosage is a big part of any supplement plan. Too much or too little of any nutrient can cause bad effects. Read the instructions and warnings on your containers. Ask a healthcare provider if you have any questions.

The dosage for each supplement can differ depending on the person. Factors like age, weight, activity, meds taken, health conditions matter. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Vitamins: Follow daily suggested amounts from the maker or healthcare provider. Don’t take more than what’s on the bottle unless instructed to by an expert.
  • Minerals: Some minerals like magnesium and potassium can interact with other meds or minerals. Pay attention to the dosage instructions. Be careful of calcium supplements – an overdose can cause serious problems if taken for too long. Check with a doctor or nutritionist about how it will interact with other vitamins.
  • Herbal Supplements: Herbs can come in liquid, tablet, tea or capsule form. Follow the label instructions. Ask an expert before taking certain herbs due to potential side effects.
  • Enzymes: Most enzymes are used when needed and not taken daily. Read product labels. Ask a healthcare provider for safety.


A healthy diet is the key to any successful supplement routine. Fruits, veggies, and protein are essential for your body to get the right vitamins and minerals. Eating balanced meals can help boost moods and energy levels.

When planning meals, consider things like

  • age
  • weight
  • gender
  • activity level
  • health goals
  • any health conditions

Keeping track of what you eat can help you adjust the nutrients you take in, to get the best out of any supplement routine.


Exercise was an important part of my supplement routine. I took supplements and exercised regularly for the desired results. Focus was on chest exercises and I made sure to perform them with proper form to target the muscle group.

These exercises included push-ups, chest presses and flies. I changed up my routine so that it was still enjoyable, but the same exercises remained. This helped me gain a balanced workout and measure my progress. I began slowly and increased my strength and endurance over time before doing intense workouts like weighted supersets and pyramid sets. By continually doing these exercises, I was able to get the most out of my supplement regimen.


Three weeks ago, I began taking the supplement. The results are amazing! My breasts have changed so much – size, shape, perky, and firm. I am shocked! My self-confidence has risen too. I now feel more confident to do new things, and I feel beautiful.

Physical Changes

My body changed in small ways, but I was particularly aware of the physical changes. For example, my fertility increased and my breasts grew from an A cup to a D cup. My nipples became sensitive too. The increase in size was gradual, but I noticed more during my periods because of hormone changes. Plus, my hair got thicker and shinier after a few months because of higher hormone levels.

Emotional Changes

I observed changes to my mental health due to the supplement. It had been designed to reduce stress and increase happiness. I felt more in control and confident! The supplement also regulated my emotions better; I was less reactive and could stay calmer for longer. These benefits were not immediately evident, but after some weeks, I noticed how peaceful and positive I felt.

My relationships improved too! Before the supplement, it was tough to communicate without feeling anxious. Now, it was simpler to socialize without those bad emotions. Even talking with strangers was no longer daunting.

This supplement has greatly enhanced my mental health, impacting my personal and professional relationships. This will be extremely beneficial to me as I continue to grow!


To sum it up, this newfound confidence has had a great impact on my life. I have gained more self-love and respect. Plus, I have helped others who thought their dream of getting their desired breast size was impossible. The supplement I use was the answer to my prayers. Going from an A cup to a D cup was made possible. Although it’s costlier than other methods, the effects are permanent, with no side-effects or harm.

Before self-medicating with anything, it’s important to consult a doctor. Safety first!

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