Domestic Violence Shelter in Fort Worth

Domestic Violence Shelter in Fort Worth

If you need counseling but worry about the costs, you should know there’s a domestic violence shelter in Fort Worth that can offer you counseling without the high cost. If you’re living in an abusive situation or are in fear while raising your children, speaking with a counselor can help you sort out your priorities, find helpful resources, and make a lasting change. There’s a way out, and it starts by making a phone call to The Gatehouse at 817-912-0317.

8 Reasons you’ll Be Glad You Called The Gatehouse

1. The Gatehouse is your one-stop resource where you can find temporary or permanent housing solutions, counseling, and a program that will give you a hand up rather than a hand out. If you feel apprehensive about asking for assistance, you’ll appreciate how our program empowers women to become self-sustainable.

2. Our women’s crisis center is not just another shelter for women- we have your future in mind when offering resources and assistance. Our mission is to enable you to get out of a toxic environment and get the skills you need to find full-time employment and save for your future.

3. If you ever need to speak with someone about your situation and worry about discretion, our women’s support center is the perfect place to call, We protect your identity and keep you safe from whatever circumstances you’re facing.

4. We do a lot more at The Gatehouse than provide help for abused and battered women. If you’re a mother, we can help you protect your children from an unhealthy home life by providing a safe place to stay while you get set up to work and provide for your family.

5. We make resources available for accessible addiction treatment for women. If you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs and need to get out of your situation at home, contact us immediately to get the help you need.

6. Our resources include a list of North Texas agencies that provide housing. If you’re searching for a domestic violence shelter in Fort Worth, get in touch with our admissions team for more information about shelters in your area.

7. We understand that it’s not easy for many of our clients to accept government assistance; our program won’t lead to a reliance on monthly checks from the state or federal agencies. With help from our team, you’ll learn life skills and develop a trade that will make it easy for you to find full-time employment and earn your own way.

8. If you don’t feel loved and celebrated in your household and are afraid to leave due to physical violence, you can find hope for a brighter future for you and your children through our program at The Gatehouse. Contact our domestic violence shelter in Fort Worth today.

Learn more about our program by spending a few minutes on our website exploring our resources. To speak with a representative from The Gatehouse or start treatment, make a call to our office at 817-912-0317- you’ll be glad you called.

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Domestic Violence Shelter in Fort Worth

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