Pet Vaccinations Red Oak

Pet Vaccinations Red Oak

Pet owners who avoid having to vaccinate their pet due to the cost or inconvenience typically find that their pet doesn’t live to see adulthood; in cases where unvaccinated pets do live a long life, it’s common for the pet to suffer disease and illness rather than experiencing a happy and healthy life. Schedule your pet vaccinations in Red Oak at Animal Hospital of Ovilla. All domestic pets require early intervention, such as puppy or kitten visits, to receive the proper shots in a timely manner.

5 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Pet

1. Once you make the decision to become a pet owner, or what many today call ‘pet parents’, you take on the responsibility of caring for your pet for as long as they live. Dogs and cats are susceptible to many different life-threatening diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans, such as rabies. The fact of the matter is that vaccines save lives, therefore, by failing to vaccinate your pet, you’re putting their life at risk. Stay true to your promise that you’ll love and care for your pet, regardless of the personal cost.

2. We’ve all heard the old adage that an ounce of prevention prevents a pound of cure. Few things are more true to this wise saying than when pet vaccinations are involved. Consider the minimal cost of vaccination compared with the cost of treatment or surgery to address a potential pet illness or disease. Why take the chance when pet vaccinations in Red Oak are so convenient and affordable?

3. The theory of herd immunity demonstrates how pet diseases could potentially be eradicated from our country if every pet owner did what was right and vaccinated their pets against common diseases. If communities, cities, states, and countries adopted the theory of herd immunity and forced pet owners to comply, diseases would be virtually non-existent. As a pet owner, you have the freedom to decide what’s right for your pet; make sure you are also considering what’s best for other pets.

4. While there is always a small risk involved with vaccinations, vets have determined, by and large, that the benefits outweigh the risks. If you’re concerned about side effects from pet shots, we encourage you to get in touch with our staff from Animal Hospital of Ovilla to speak with us about pet vaccinations in Red Oak. We’ll take the time to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you make the best decision for you and your pet.

5. Early intervention will protect your pet and your family. Puppy and kitten shots are essential, however, it’s not necessary to vaccinate your pet every year. This older approach has been abandoned by most vets in favor of a more modern treatment routine; with core vaccines being given evey three years and non-core vaccinations as indicated by the vet.

Get in touch with our caring staff at Animal Hospital of Ovilla to schedule your pet’s next wellness visit and vaccination appointment. You’ll be glad you made the best decision for the health of your beloved pet.

Pet Vaccinations Red Oak

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